Baby Gift Registries

Baby Gift Registries

Bringing a new baby into the world is an exciting time. It’s also an expensive time, considering all the things you need for a baby. From strollers and car seats to towels and onesies, the list of things new parents need is seemingly endless. As expecting parents, you are the only ones who know exactly what you need for your new baby. With a baby shower on the horizon, everyone will be asking you what they should buy, and keeping everything straight can be hard with all the other preparations you need to make. Setting up a baby gift registry will not only detail the things you need, but can also catalog the items that have already been purchased.

If this is your first baby chances are you need just about everything. Sit down with your significant other and make a list of all the necessities. After you’ve got a list, you’ll want to do your research. There are several different companies that make car seats, cribs and high chairs. Each different company’s products will have a variety of safety features and gadgets designed to make your life with a newborn easier. Do your homework. Browse customer review sites and the Consumer Reports organization online to find out how others feel about the different products on the market. Compare reviews for every product before making major decisions, as your baby’s health and safety rely on it.

Nearly every major baby retailer offers an online feature that makes setting up and tracking your baby gift registry easy. There are even sites like and The Bump that are connected to numerous retailers both online and offline, allowing shoppers to compare prices and get the best deals.

Setting up your registry is easy. Visit the site you want to use and sign up for a free account. Choose a memorable user name and password and write it down so you can log in to your account and update it without any trouble. Once you’re registered, log in to the site and begin browsing for the items on your list. Add them to your registry one by one and make sure you save the list once you’re done working on it.

Capture your registry url from the website and share it with your friends and family via email. Now everyone can easily browse through your registry and do their shopping online. Even if they aren’t online shoppers, they will still get an idea of the things you need so they can purchase the item elsewhere. If they do happen to buy the item somewhere else, ask them to let you know, so you can update the registry. Updating the registry will keep you from getting three Diaper Genies and more receiving blankets than you know what to do with.

Using a baby gift registry is a simple way to keep track of gifts, and make sure you get everything you need for your new baby before the baby arrives. Check out sites like Walmart, Babies R Us and to set up your baby registry, and don’t forget to share the url.