Baby Shower Centerpieces

Chances are if you have a large circle of friends and family, you’ll probably find yourself on the planning committee for a few baby showers throughout the course of your life. Baby showers are a memorable gathering for mommy’s-to-be, allowing them an opportunity to get together with friends and loved ones to celebrate bringing a new life into the world. Creating long-lasting memories doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, getting creative with the decor will have everyone at the party talking and one of the best places to start is with a memorable baby shower centerpiece.

Floral arrangements are a no-fail centerpiece solution; a fragrant gift the mother-to-be can take home with her after the shower and share with her significant other for days after. Simple, baby-themed arrangements can be purchased through floral shop, or you can put one together yourself. Choose soft, pastel-colored flowers for the arrangement and place them in a simple vase decked in ribbons, or a shaped basket that coincides with the party theme. Check your local basket or craft shop for an original basket everyone will rave over once its filled with flowers.

Edible centerpieces serve two functions. Not only do they feed the party, but it’s another opportunity to get really creative. For example, instead of just putting together a simple fruit tray, why not make a watermelon baby buggy? After cutting off the top quarter of the watermelon and scooping the interior out with a melon-baller, fill the inside with your favorite chopped fruits for a healthy and adorable centerpiece. Create wheels from orange or lemon slices held in place with a toothpick.

Diaper cakes are a popular and practical centerpiece. Put together from carefully rolled diapers, baby washcloths, towels and onesies, small trinkets such as pacifiers, diaper pins and small toys can be hung around the cake as decoration. Creating a diaper cake is relatively inexpensive and easy, and after all is said and done, mommy can take it home with her and set it up in the baby’s room near the changing table. There are also other shapes you can put together, like a baby booty or a bassinet made from rolled diapers.

If you know the decorative theme the parents-to-be are going with in the baby’s nursery, you may be able to put together a theme-related centerpiece. For example, if the nursery will be decorated in Noah’s Ark memorabilia, an Ark-shaped basket filled with baby washcloths folded into cute animal shapes will be the talk of the party.

Creating a centerpiece that functions as more than just a decoration is smart and thrifty. Whether it doubles as a party platter, or winds up filled with items mom can use when the new baby comes, you definitely want to make it stand out. With a wide variety of options to choose from, a little creativity and time gives you the opportunity to put together something everyone will remember, especially the new mother. Take time to browse through different examples and suggestions online, in magazines and in craft shops, and remember to make it memorable.