Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday Party Invitations

Birthday Party Invitations – There is nothing like a great birthday party. There are so many opportunities to get it right as a parent, that regardless of a few things going wrong, you’ll be covered by birthday party grace. Keep that in mind, as the day looms and you’ll sleep better at night. Before the party day rolls around, however, you have to make sure the guests know when, where, what and who it’s for. This means birthday party invitations.  Sure, you can go to a local retailer, or specialty card and stationery shop to purchase birthday party invitations, but you can save money and score much cooler invites if you allow the creative juices to flow. Let your kiddo, or kiddos, get involved, and the planning of the birthday party can be a wonderful time spent together, offering the build up of some sweet anticipation.

Creating Birthday Party Invitations – Does your youngster want a theme birthday party? Let the Internet be your artistic ambassador. With a few print-outs, you can create posters, invitations, customized place-mats, even cups and party favors for a fraction of what you would pay if you opened up the wallet at a party-shop.

Enlisting the Help of the Birthday Celebrator – One of the best ways to get your child involved in helping with their party, is to allow them to design the birthday party invitations. If they haven’t yet learned to read or write, surely they love to draw pretty pictures, or “abstract designs,” depending on age. Once you have the design, you can scan it, add the necessary information to it, and print out as many copies as is necessary. This will be the first moment of birthday excitement, when the soon-to-be birthday boy or girl sees all of the cool birthday party invitations that they designed!  If your child isn’t interested in drawing a design, you can help them find a few great images online, or in comic or storybooks, then integrate them into the invitation.

Another fun idea for the invitation: Add the graphic of an artsy calendar to the design, so the child invited can cross off the days leading up to the party–nothing like building up a birthday party like an annual holiday!

Online Birthday Party Invitations – When you’re big into email, prefer to preserve paper as well as the the environment, and you’re planning to invite a lot of people to a party, it’s all about online birthday party invitations. There are many sites such as Evite, that will connect you to easy party invites; however, if you’re looking to customize, again, build it yourself, slap it into a PDF file, and send it to the lucky, potential guests. You can even add that trendy statement to the invitation: In an effort to preserve, please print this invitation only if necessary.  When you save money on birthday party invitations, you can slide that portion of the budget to party favors, games, a cake of epic proportions or even entertainment.