Katy Does A ‘Hot and Cold’ Parody For Sesame Street

First Katy Perry taught adolescents to experiment with their sexuality. Then she mentored aspiring singers on with their vocals as a guest judge on American idol. Now she is teaching preschoolers er, um…something. Katy Perry has collaborated with Elmo to do a remake to her original ‘Hot and Cold’ song. In it she accuses Elmo of being fickle for inviting her over to play and not really wanting to play. The song is catchy. Your 3-year-old is sure to be singing about opposites to to Perry’s melody for the rest of the day. Which is cool, I guess. But that is about all it offers. It doesn’t go into enough detail to actually teach opposites. And Katy prances around in a dress that shows a little too much cleavage for the target audience. The storyline implies that it is to play dress up in, but most self-respecting women wouldn’t be caught wearing something like that in a preschool classroom; even under the ruse of dress up. If you like ‘Hot and Cold’ and would enjoy listening to your child singing over and over then you are in luck. If you are like me and think that small children singing lyrics that they don’t understand kind of makes you and them look like tools, you might want to pass on this video. Because once they hear it there is no stopping them.

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